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It’s that time of the year. The time where you, unlike most of those around you, cannot stay home in warm pajamas, drinking gallons of hot chocolate. You have a job to do or a place to be. You step outside and your heart sinks a bit. Not only is your car covered in snow and ice, but it’s frozen shut. You then spend the next thirty minutes just clearing away the snow and ice, you haven’t even moved the vehicle and it’s already been a challenge.

You load each and every item you could possibly need for the day, careful not to trip and fall, and then finally you are able to sit down in the driver’s seat. You take a deep breath, because you just spent the last half hour of your life cleaning up snow, and your energy is spent. This is how most people enter their vehicles on snow days, they are exasperated, and lack the motivation to pay attention to the smaller details. Often times the intensity one feels to get to their destination outweighs logic, and we are faced with a brutal reality: accidents, injuries, and even death.

Driving in the snow can be a challenge enough as it is, but truth be told, without the proper focus, one can cause danger to oneself and even others. It’s so important that you use caution. Before you begin your dangerous journey, take a few moments to breathe and gain the focus you need to pay attention to every potential mishap. Drive slow. For more useful tips, click here.

Enjoy your snow day by keeping yourself and others around you safe, don’t go anywhere, unless it is absolutely necessary. Snow days are such perfect times to make memories with your loved ones, if possible soak up every moment.