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We’ve all been there. You’re driving through the neighborhood and there it is. The most beautiful yard with the perfect landscaping that just catches everyone’s eye as they pass by.

Flowers that seem to practically invite you over to observe their beauty and enjoy their fresh aroma. A perfect selection of flagstone sidewalks and pathways that so elegantly say, please, walk this way and take in the view. The most wonderful arrangement of different plants and bushes that line the walkways and wrap around the house that adds more color and elegance to this already amazing oasis. The sun even seems to shine a little brighter on this yard, as almost to show its approval and happiness with the creativity and serenity.

As you take it all in you imagine yourself sitting in a yard like that, sipping on some sweet ice tea, enjoying the different scents and the sunlight on your face. Well the fact of the matter is, with a few helpful tips, you could transform your very own space no matter how big or small, to your very own oasis. For eight helpful hints for beginners, click here and to see what’s trending now, click here! With the right information, anyone can have “the coveted yard