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You have made the exciting decision to building the home of your dreams. It’s not just a house with a foundation, unique floor plan, spacious rooms, and a beautiful yard. It will be your haven, your place to unwind. It will be the place you choose to celebrate those exciting moments, or choose to escape when the pressure of this world is just too much.  When you began this process, the excitement oftentimes can cause us to miss the minor and important details.

As you are beginning your research on all the necessities, deciding between which companies you will use, and where you will be getting the appliances, it’s also important to assess who you will use as your builder. Deciding on this can be instrumental or detrimental to the building of your dream home. In a recent article, questions were compiled that can be used to ensure you have the best builder working with you on your home, and also someone who will understand your end goals. Check it out here. One thing that can really assist you in this process is making a list of your non-negotiables, the things you are unsure of and would like suggestions on, and your budget. Keep in mind that this process is not perfect, and you will more than likely change your mind. Be flexible and patient, enjoy it!

Also, know there are options out there if you decide that building is just too much. Sit down with us today, and we can find you your dream home, something that has everything you have always wanted without the hassle of a building process.

Contact us here, we would love to assist you!